Texas’ bioscience industry is an innovative and growing component of the overall U.S. economy. With a track record of generating high-quality jobs and steady growth, the bioscience industry has been a consistent engine for our economy and a key strength during past economic recessions. American innovation in bioscience helps support state and local communities in a variety of ways ranging from job creation, construction, tax revenues, and other economic impact values.

Driven by small-company innovators, the bioscience industry has also mobilized in an unprecedented manner to address the global COVID-19 pandemic, while continuing to develop other life-saving and life-enhancing products and services for the U.S. and the world. America’s bioscience industry as an innovator and economic driver has never been more important, both for our health and our economic stability.

Total Number of Facilities in Texas 91
Jobs Directly Supported by the Industry in Texas 116473
Annual Average Wage
Total Clinical Trials
Dollar Amount Invested in Clinical Trials
$1.5 Billion
Clinical Trial Participants
Total Clinical Trial Economic Impact
$4.61 Billion

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District Total Facilities in District View Facilities in District
TX02 3 Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc (H)

Microbes Biosciences (A)

VGX Animal Health (A)

TX04 1 Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (H)
TX07 7 Erimos Pharmaceuticals, LLC (H)

Fannin Innovation Studio (H)

Greenwich LifeSciences (H)

Solvay North America, LLC (H)

Velocys (A)

Velocys Inc (A)

Velocys Inc (Envia Energy LLC) (A)

TX09 5 ApoCell, Inc (H)

Houston Methodist Research Institute (O)

Tanox, Inc (H)

University of Texas at Houston, Institute of Biotechnology (O)

University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center (O)

TX10 4 Cargill (A)

Cargill, Incorporated (A)

Earth Energy Renewables, LLC (A)

Kalon Biotherapeutics, LLC (H)

TX11 1 Bayer (H)
TX12 3 Cargill (A)

Creo, Inc. (A)


TX13 7 Bayer (H)

Cargill, Incorporated (A) (6)

TX14 7 BASF Corp (A) (3)

Chrysalis BioTherapeutics (H)


The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (O)

University of Texas at Galveston (O)

TX15 4 BASF Corp (A)

Cargill, Incorporated (A) (3)

TX17 2 Allergan, Inc. (H)

Cargill (A)

TX18 6 CR Group (O)

ImmunoMet Therapeutics (H)

J&J Center for Device Innovation; JLABS @ TMC (O)

Novozymes (A)

Salarius Pharmaceuticals (H)

Stream Biomedical, Inc. (H)

TX19 10 BASF Corp (A) (2)

Bayer (H) (2)

Cargill, Incorporated (A) (6)

TX20 1 University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Sciences (O)
TX22 1 ToxStrategies, Inc (O)
TX24 4 Nanoscope Therapeutics, Inc. (H)

OncoNano Medicine, Inc. (H)

Tranexamic Technologies (H)

University of Texas at Dallas (O)

TX25 1 2M Clinical Research (H)
TX26 1 Cargill (A)
TX27 3 BASF Corp (A) (2)

Bayer (H)

TX29 1 BASF Corp (A)
TX30 4 BASF Corp (A)

Baylor Scott & White Research Institute (O)

Gradalis, Inc (H)

The University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center (O)

TX31 3 Cargill, Incorporated (A) (3)
TX35 1 Cargill (A)
TX36 3 Anellotech Inc. (A)

Cargill (A)

Gevo Inc. (A)

TX37 7 Aeglea Biotherapeutics, Inc. (H)

Genprex (H)

Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute (O)

TFF Pharmaceuticals (H)

The University of Texas at Austin, OTC (O)

The University of Texas System Administration (O)

Triumvira Immunologics USA Inc. (H)

TX38 1 SarcoMed USA, Inc. (H)